Your Next Crush: Rixton

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By Kathryn Janowski

r          Girls get ready, you have four new guys to swoon over: Rixton, four boys from the UK who sure know how to sing. They were discovered on YouTube for their cover of Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up.”  They racked up 250,000 views and got the attention of Scooter Braun, the guy who brought us Justin Bieber (we’ll forgive him since he’s giving us Rixton). Now, the boys are on their way to becoming the next big boy band.

You’ve probably heard their hit single “Me and My Broken H
eart” on the radio. This song really gets the essence of the band. They give pop music a soulful twist. They fuse fast, fun beats with really expressive singing and lyrics. If you like what pop stations play, you’ll love Rixton.  “Wait On Me” is their follow-up single; and, it’s a great upbeat love song that you’ll play over and over again, I promise.  And just when we think they can’t get any better; Rixton prove us wrong with their song “Hotel Ceiling.” It’s a slowed down love song that shows us Rixton is more than just pop.  I think Rixton can hit the right note for anyone.

But on to the important part, are they cute? OMG YES. Right now, I’d say my favorite is Charley because his DJ name is Yolo Flipper, but the fan girl in me says I don’t have a favorite and there is no reason they can’t all be my next boyfriend.  Between Jake, Lewi, Danny, and Charley, you’ll find your next boo-thang. Yup, boo-thang.

Look up their songs, and go to www.rixtonband.com if you want to pre-order their album. They’re also going to be touring with Ariana Grande, so you know they’re going to be big. Check them out, you won’t regret it.