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Warped Tour

The 25th of July was a hot, sticky day. The sun was glaring down since the morning, so hot that my low spec (yet still with an incredibly poor battery) LG ended up telling me that the phone had overheated. The crowds were packed and amped up. They came here for their music, their scene.


A punk rock-heavy metal haven can be found at this Warped Tour. The vibe is pretty uniform, incredibly stoked all around. Though, for one to truly enjoy their time at Warped Tour they need to feel comfortable with the music and the culture surrounding it. This music festival helps cultivate the alternative scene and enjoys a solid following and attendance.

Asking Alexandria brought a good numbered crowd and a show worth remembering. They brought with them a great set of songs, a few of which I was surprised to recognize. Asking Alexandria’s live performance was a testament to the passion and growing popularity of the alternative and metal scenes.

Attila played Warped Tour’s main stage as well, bringing forth a heavy, scream-filled performance of likewise passion and angst that appeals to the crowd and their fan base. As they say themselves, they strive for the heaviest of the heavy metal, to break all the rules, and to bring the party back into metal. This band’s live performance was definitely a hardcore and unrelentless one, but also one that was filled with incredible energy.

It’s impossible to stage hop through all the bands in a day– and with so much talent abound, from main stages and moshpits to basements with indie artists and small crowds, Warped Tour carried a variety of performances that could appeal to different tastes, even despite the general cultural aspect of the tour.