Poetry: The Clouds and Snow at Night

poetThe clouds cover the sky in the dark night

As if a soft blanket covers a chest.

There is white snow some eyes see in this light.

The snow is all around where light has pressed.


Lanterns light the night clouds and the white snow.

Clouds insulate the light from the light sky.

The white snow ‘flects the light with no shadow.

Together they turn on the switch lights fly.


Lights bounce to each white snow; to each cot’n cloud.

The sky lights more to each sparkle and fluff.

Light is comfort that snow and clouds have sowed.

The light covers all persons as a muff.


This is a night when snow covers the ground.

This is beauty that will not be year-round.

Poetry from Alexandria Adamo

The strangest thing happened to me on this very strange day
I met the strangest stranger of all heading directly my way
A strange stranger no doubt, he looked odd, weird, and peculiar
As he drew himself nearer his strangeness dissolved, he seemed somewhat familiar
Recollection suddenly dawned, I had seen this stranger before
The strange stranger was recognized and was a stranger no more
Strange friends we once were so we stopped to shake hands
We greeted one another with pleasantries  as strange custom demands
What a strange rush he was in to visit a dear, dying brother,
So as strange as it sounds, we said a harried goodby to each other
It was the strangest of meetings, there is no trying to mask it, for the last time I saw this strange stranger, he lie dead in a casket