Sonic the Hedgehog in 2015

by Adrian Rzewuski


“‘Sonic is slow and you play as his friends’ might be one of the most unappealing sentences I’ve ever written, but it neatly sums up my experience with Rise of Lyric. Its exploration is so-so, its brawling is tedious, its characters are annoying, and the only stages where it feels like a Sonic game are the ones most likely to suffer technical problems. Rise of Lyric isn’t fundamentally broken or unplayable; it’s just thoroughly disappointing and unpolished, and while it does have some fun to offer, it’s fun that’s been done better in countless similar games.”

– IGN’s review on “Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric”

Ever since the last major Sonic game for the WiiU and 3DS (which was Sonic Boom), critics ponder about the future for SEGA’s top mascot in 2015. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for 3DS and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for WiiU made fans and gaming critics alike agree that SEGA has done a horrible job with introducing Sonic to the next-generation; in addition, Sonic fans say that Sonic Boom is extremely similar to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the game that introduced Sonic to the modern era of gaming technology.

So, with all of the questions about our favorite blue hedgehog, what will SEGA and Sonic Team think of for Sonic in the future? In 2014, rumors were spawningacross the internet that a Sonic game for the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One would soon be announced. Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team, held an event in Tokyo during Thanksgiving and confirmed that the rumors were false. Instead, Iizuka announced a Sonic game release for Japan. He said that the new game would be an endless runner game, such as Temple Run and Sonic Dash, and also said that more information will be told in January of 2015.
On December 28, 2014, SEGA finally announced an upcoming Sonic game titled “Sonic Runners”. This game would be released for Smartphones, Androids, and iPhones. When people had heard about the announcement, videos on YouTube were uploaded by the minute, asking three main questions: what the plot of the game will be about, who the new characters are, and what the new stages will look like. More information would hopefully be released soon; but for now, people are still wondering if Sonic will truly triumph in 2015 and beyond.