New Music Alert: Basic Vacation

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basic-vacation-2013-650-430Do you need a vacation from your everyday life? How about a basic vacation? Well now you can, with a little music from a new band Basic Vacation. Basic Vacation is a band that met by chance, made a group by faith, and stays together for the love of music. This new band is something truly special. The group, Chris Greatti, Jon Paul, and Mike Montalbano, make songs that not only connect with themselves but could also reach out to others. Their hit song “I Believe” is not only a catchy tune but a story. The story of how this group had nothing but each other. No one else believed in them except themselves, and no matter what they were put through they kept at it. This song not only connects to the band but it can also connect to anyone. Anyone who needs a smile or someone who knows someone else that needs a little believing in. Take a listen to “I Believe” if in need of a little cheering up or just to jam out to. This song could be your song of the day, week, or even year. “I Believe” is a song that will never get old even on repeat.

This underdog group is making their way up the charts. With their new songs Jamie, It’s All Happening, and Worlds Collide, this group will be the hottest thing in no time. Basic Vacation is soon coming out with a full length album and this is surely not something to miss out on. Their music will take you to a different world. A world where dreams come true, and all it takes is a little faith in each other. If you are a person who loves fun and happiness this band will definitely be your favorite in no time. Or, if you like alternative pop-rock, Basic Vacation should be the next thing you look up on YouTube. One listen to this band and you will fall in love to their storyful songs and the sing alongable music. This music is made with love, for us, the fans of music.

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