Les Misérables- Review

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Words can barely describe how incredible this play turned out. My heart was beating harder than the percussion. Seeing the movie and seeing the actual play are similar but incredibly different. Seeing Les Miserables was an amazing experience. I had chills the entire time. Seeing the play was different than the movie because you interact more with the characters. It felt like I knew the characters so well. While you get to know the characters so well, it makes it heart-throbbing when they die or sing an outstanding ballad. Speaking of the singing, wow, it was completely miraculous. Each and every character had an amazing voice. From the male low, deep voices to the female high pitched voices.  The combination of all the characters was heavenly. I never knew a human being could make such beautiful music as the cast of Les Miserables. From the time I got out of the theater I’ve been singing all the songs to myself. Les Miserables has always been one of my favorite books but seeing the play made me love it even more. I was not the only one that loved the play. I made quick chat with many people of the audience, almost all of them said they have seen the play more than once. The lady next to me said she had seen it 4 other times. It was truly an honor to meet the main character Ivan Rutherford, Jean Valjean, he is incredible. I would definitely recommend this play, it was perfect.