Country Artists You’ll Love

I am not a country music fan. Generally, and like many other people, I enjoy listening to many different genres of music.

The reason I usually distance myself from country is because, in my experience, it usually consists of lackluster stories about nature, “country life,” and lots of sexism — not topics that I find much interest in, and I bet many readers can agree.

However, I was asked write a review on the album called START HERE by singers Maddie & Tae. This duo is remarkably proud of their Country roots and claim to sing songs that are authentic and honest. Although I have never heard of them until now (probably because I don’t pay much attention to country), they seem to be really well known and have a large fan base. But what surprised me was that they are only 19 and 20! That is a year or two older than me!

So, I listened to the songs in their entirety. . .

The first is “Waitin’ On a Plane” and  I LOVE THE HARMONY! I like how the song is fast-paced, but relaxing. And although it is a song about skies…  I don’t hate it. It’s not what I usually think of as country. It was a nice beginning to the album and I was intrigued to hear more.

“Girl in A Country Song” is next on the album and is their first single. This is so funny (“No country music was harmed in the making of this song.”). THIS IS SO COUNTRY. But I like the sass and feminism in the song. It made me laugh, “Can I put on some real clothes now?” I also looked up the video and it’s genius! Totally worth to watch.

“Smoke” has a cute head-bopping beat. The instrumentation is so much fun. It is about heartbreak; the story is interesting. It’s not a cliche, and there is more harmony.

Then, “Shut Up and Fish” is about clueless boys. It was a very stereotypical country song and I didn’t enjoy it that much, but when interviewed, my own mother stated that she liked it, and that is saying something. I thought it was silly which could have been the point, but I didn’t like it.

“Fly” caught my attention. It was probably my favorite song on the album. It’s kind of inspirational. This is about dreaming which is how the girls like to think of themselves. The harmony (once again) is gorgeous. This is a fun slow dancing song. I like the layers of sound at the end.

“Sierra” is about bullying which is an important topic and it was cool that they wrote a song about it, but I don’t like the stereotypes it endorses (all rich, pretty girls are bullies). But again, I liked the sassiness (“That high horse you’re riding…can buck you off clean.”).

“Your Side of Town” has a dancing beat. I found myself bobbing my head to this and twirling and jumping around. I think it’s really fun!

“Right Here Right Now” is a slow and unexciting song. I liked the authenticity coming through this one, but I was generally unimpressed. Also, “No Place Like You” is cute, but repetitive. I found myself daydreaming (all good things).

“After The Storm Blows Through” touched my heart.  This is about friendship. I found myself thinking about my own friends; it made me appreciate them. It is very meaningful, soothing, and gorgeous.

The last song, “Downside of Growing Up” is about coming of age and losing innocence. I thought it was pretty average. I didn’t like or hate it. It held some truth in it.

Overall, I was impressed. No one ever likes every song on an album, but I like the majority of them. Maddie and Tae are now on my radar.