Concert Review- Ed Sheeran

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Spending Pop+sensation+Ed+Sheeran+performs+live+concert+mmXckIfrSMAlyour night at a concert is the equivalent to spending your night…
I don’t know, I still haven’t decided. I seriously do not know. What can be compared to a night spent at a concert? I’ll come back to this analogy…

Back in August, Mr. L had given me a set of concert tickets. The feeling of excitement and pleasure was not new to me. I had been given opportunities to attend multiple events spread throughout the summer and the opening of the year (perks of being on the Rebellion.) This time, however, there was something more in store for me. This time, Mr. L had a set of tickets to Ed Sheeran. I know.

I knew of Ed Sheeran well. I had heard his music and danced to his songs and I’d even shipped him with Taylor Swift for a period of time, too.

The concert. I’m supposed to be reviewing the concert (though I totally wouldn’t mind a best friend who has red hair, an English accent, and a liking for cats.)

The show opened with screams emerging from all ends of the stadium. He opened up with I’m a Mess. The song was then followed by Lego House, a mash-up of Don’t, Loyal, and No Diggity, Drunk, Take it Back, One, Bloodstream, Tenerife Sea, Runaway, All of the Stars, Nina, Thinking out loud, Give Me Love, and I See Fire. Ed closed the show with You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, The A Team, and then Sing. Overall, Ed was comfortable with performing in front of the sold out crowd. He asked for screams and audience support when he wanted it. But as he tuned his guitar in preparation for slower ballads, Ed was not shy to ask for silence, a peculiar request at a concert filled with teenage girls. The request was not a complete fail, and I have to admit I was impressed.

Another impressive attribute of Sheeran’s is his voice. His voice echoed well in the arena, and although his accent made the lyrics hard to understand from a distance, the audience still sang along. His movements throughout the night were extremely limited, but again, the audience didn’t seem to mind. Walking through the aisles of the massive room, it is easy to see that the audience is less attentive as you move to the back of the room. And as someone who is familiar with Ed, but not a devoted fan, I should probably mention that after the first five or six songs, I could not remember them all, and they started to sound slightly similar. One of the songs that stood out to me personally was One, a quick ballad that came with bright light drops and strong guitar jams. One was one of the few songs Ed did not sing alone. Yes, the majority of the show was sung acoustically, another impressive surprise at the show. It was clear that for some of the fans, this was pleasing. As for others- the younger portion of the crowd- this created a dragging essence to the show. I noticed younger fans leaving the arena in order to purchase t-shirts, and some left early altogether.

Overall the show was an excellent; Ed Sheeran’s demeanor is a good one, worthy of fame and success. I had begun the article contemplating on an activity that you could compare to concerts, however, I’m still sitting here, an hour later with nothing to offer. Concerts are self exclamatory, I guess. They are relaxing, exhilarating, and they can make anyone forget about their problems. Does this substitute for the comparison fail? Maybe, probably not…