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cgBecause the Internet, Donald Glover’s (best known as Childish Gambino) sophomore album was released December 10th, 2013. Because The Internet contains 19 tracks with guest appearances from Chance The Rapper, Azealia Banks, and Jhené Aiko.

Since Because the Internet was self-produced, Childish Gambino did an amazing job with each track on the album. My initial response to the album was extremely different to how I now feel about it. At first I thought most of the tracks on the album were terrible. Now, I keep listening to tracks like Worldstar, Urn, Pink Toes, and 3005. If you’re into hip hop and rap with an alternative rock feel to it, Because the Internet shows those genres all put together.

Because the Internet was the number one album on iTunes and the Billboard Rap Chart, which is great since Childish Gambino put a lot of effort into this album. He even came out with a 72 page screenplay for the album. I read all 72 pages of it and it goes very well with the album.

Overall, this album is a must-listen-to. I underestimated Childish Gambino, but I’ve come around!

Rate: 9/10

Favorite Tracks: Worldstar, Shadows, Telegraph Ave., Sweatpants, 3005, No Exit, Flight of the Navigator, Urn, Pink Toes

Least Favorite Tracks: The Worst Guys