“For my girls, the fighters, the warriors.”

Cassadee Pope. An empowering young woman.

Who is Cassadee Pope?


Cassadee Pope is an influential young woman who rose to fame on “The Voice. ” At the young age of twenty-three, she won the hearts of America as she stole the national spotlight during the singing competition’s third season.  During her time competing she showed her unique vocals and powerful performances which rewarded her to score PLATINUM-certification of a debut single, “Wasting All These Tears,” which had over 1 million downloads. Pope’s had immense success with her singing career and she continues to astonish people with her country and rock flare.

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Maddie & Tae: On the Rise



Start Here appeared on August 28, 2015. The album debuted at seven on the Billboard Top 200 — and number two on the country charts — just as Fly climbed into the country Top Ten. According to Billboard, Start Here is #7 on the top country albums chart.

In Maddie and Tae’s “Start Here”, they sing of traveling and pursuing ones dreams, sort of a “small town, big dreams” type of mentality. In “Girl In a Country Song”, they sing about the typical stereotypes for being a country girl, the way they’re supposed to act, speak, and dress. It’s very fun to listen to, an upbeat song that’s somehow relatable to everyone. In contrast, “No Place Like You” talks about wanting to be with that special someone, and it has a very pleasing ballad-like tune. Even the slow songs, like “Fly” and “The Downside of Growing Up” have a home-y feeling that makes you happy and want to tear up at the same time. This album fits every type of mood, whether you want to think about romance, independence, traveling, or fun and parties. It’s a different kind of country, one that is more modernized and relatable. Overall great album.

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Country Artists You’ll Love

I am not a country music fan. Generally, and like many other people, I enjoy listening to many different genres of music.

The reason I usually distance myself from country is because, in my experience, it usually consists of lackluster stories about nature, “country life,” and lots of sexism — not topics that I find much interest in, and I bet many readers can agree.

However, I was asked write a review on the album called START HERE by singers Maddie & Tae. This duo is remarkably proud of their Country roots and claim to sing songs that are authentic and honest. Although I have never heard of them until now (probably because I don’t pay much attention to country), they seem to be really well known and have a large fan base. But what surprised me was that they are only 19 and 20! That is a year or two older than me!

So, I listened to the songs in their entirety. . .

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Who is Alessia Cara?

Alessia is a teenager that writes from her life and from her heart. From the detail put in her lyrics, it is obvious that she cares a lot about her music, which isn’t something we see much from today’s artists. Alessia’s new releases are more than just the repetitive songs we hear on the radio today, they are stories. Her songs convey emotion, linked directly with what she has experienced. If you are looking for something new and fresh, I highly recommend checking out Alessia Cara, for she definitely raises the standard for Pop music.

With her original lyrics and funky music videos, Alessia Cara brings something new to the music industry. Her new single Four Pink Walls features creative lyrics that show Alessia recollecting her memories in her room. Accompanied with simple instrumentals, this song gives off a peaceful, relaxing vibe. Alessia also incorporates a very catchy chorus making this song well worth the second listen.

“Never Say Never.”

No, it’s not a Justin Bieber throwback but. . .
. . .  the words of Nathan Sykes on his reinvention.

Nathan Sykes was first known as a member of the British-Irish boy band, The Wanted. With hit songs: “Glad You Came” and “Chasing the Sun,” the band was known KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+2+Show+Hf3lKow0Ejrlworldwide for their Eurodance-tinged sound.

When the band went into hiatus in 2014, a question formed: “What happened?” While it’s unclear how the band broke up, Nathan Sykes has made a comeback as a solo artist. With singles like, “Kiss Me Quick” and “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” his return has shown a new side to his sound. Yet, we begin to wonder – who is Nathan Sykes?

Nathan Sykes is a dashing 22-year-old who has been in the music industry longer than you’d think. Joining The Wanted in 2009, at the age of 16, he was the youngest member in the band! However, in an interview with Rolling Stone he admits to feeling he’s never got a chance to figure out what he really wanted to do. Until now.

As a child, Sykes was surrounded by his mother’s love for big band and swing music (especially from the Rat Pack era,) and his father’s passion for Motown and R&B. With these genres of music engraved in his soul, it isn’t a surprise to hear that he’s “bringing in elements like soul and jazz and R&B” into his pop album and that he’s found his voice.

The young singer has completely reinvented himself into “a more soulful, lounge-y, big band-tinged pop croon” that is definitely shown in his latest single, “Kiss Me Quick.”

“Kiss Me Quick” is Sykes debut single that was released this past July, and I have been privileged to give it a listen. While “Glad You Came” is that catchy tune that still gets stuck in my head long since radio stations stopped playing it, “Kiss Me Quick” is something else entirely.

It is a fresh song with surprising twists that I deeply enjoy. With an excellent tempo and dynamics, the song cannot be categorized as just pop. As it is the perfect blended combination of jazz, R&B and pop. And please, let’s not forget to mention the beautiful trumpet playing in the background!!

Kiss Me Quick” is a spicy song that can be seen as an explosion of color and taste, and it gives a pretty good insight into Sykes upcoming album. Especially as he feels confident in his new direction, “I really hope that people enjoy this complete reintroduction [of me], but I say, ‘Never say never.’”
Nathan Sykes album is coming out early next year, and it is definitely on my radar as it should be on yours.  

Warped Tour

The 25th of July was a hot, sticky day. The sun was glaring down since the morning, so hot that my low spec (yet still with an incredibly poor battery) LG ended up telling me that the phone had overheated. The crowds were packed and amped up. They came here for their music, their scene.

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