Mary Lambert Album Review

image“So what?” (A repeated lyric from Secrets)
Mary Lambert-that’s what. You know, that girl that sang Same Love with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis which was on the radio for like ever! (She is the perfect advocate for gay rights because she is homosexual herself.)
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to watch and review the DVD-video to Secrets which is her first single. Boy, I was not expecting those lyrics…but it works.
Her first few lines are: “I’ve got bipolar disorder. My shits not in order. I’m overweight. I’m always late…” Definitely not the usual pop song. Yet, it kind of is something you can listen to on the radio. It’s revolutionary…
It is so refreshing to hear a song that is real and means something to both the artist and her audience. Add in the colorful costumes and a tune that sticks to the deepest parts of your brain and you got yourself a song you want to listen to over and over. And a video to match.
Mary, in general, is open about her experiences which have made her popular to those that support gay rights and/or are gay, have or had an eating disorder, abused drugs, had a traumatic childhood, is bipolar, ever went through a breakup, and so on. She generally covers anyone who has ever had in issue with themselves because of who one is. Eventually her experiences encompasses everyone because, just like her audience, she is only human. Sometimes, we forget that when we look at celebrities which seem to live in a realm unlike our own.
When my sister saw me watching the video, she stopped in the midst of her travel to the fridge and finished the video with me. “That’s catchy. Where did you get that video?” She asked me.
Like the rest of her album, this video and song makes her easy to know and fun. She wants to let the public know about her private life. However, it is not scandal or publicity she is looking for. She wants to be a “catalyst for somebody else to see something within themselves” Unlike most people in the world, she truly does not care if the world knows what her secrets are. And one of those secrets she left until the very end…she makes a very good opera-singing viking.
So check out her new song and maybe the rest of her album!

What Does a Phone Case Say About You?

phone-casesWhat does a phone case say about you? Recently I have acquired a few new phone cases and I was wondering about the perceptions people would have about my character. I wanted to know whether someone would think it is quirky or weird or “cool” or as someone that simply follows trends. Females have a tendency to be more interested in the all different types of phone cases  than males. However, I know several guys that do care just as much about their phone cases, but at the same time do not care too much about the clothes they wear or “style”. So what separates a phone case from cialisvsviagranow other material objects that are considered part of the fashion industry?  I mean some of them  do not even provide protection for one’s cellphone from breaking or from weather. Also there are tons of different choices. One can buy simply different colored ones. Or get a cool design. Or a wallet-type case. Or ones with utilities such as battery chargers. So on and so forth. But then one also has to look at the fact that cellphones have also become accessories just as much as the cases we put on them. So why wouldn’t you want to put a “cool” case on that “cool” phone of yours. You might as well make it something that says something about you. I mean someone one day just might judge you by your cover.