Who is Alessia Cara?

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Alessia is a teenager that writes from her life and from her heart. From the detail put in her lyrics, it is obvious that she cares a lot about her music, which isn’t something we see much from today’s artists. Alessia’s new releases are more than just the repetitive songs we hear on the radio today, they are stories. Her songs convey emotion, linked directly with what she has experienced. If you are looking for something new and fresh, I highly recommend checking out Alessia Cara, for she definitely raises the standard for Pop music.

With her original lyrics and funky music videos, Alessia Cara brings something new to the music industry. Her new single Four Pink Walls features creative lyrics that show Alessia recollecting her memories in her room. Accompanied with simple instrumentals, this song gives off a peaceful, relaxing vibe. Alessia also incorporates a very catchy chorus making this song well worth the second listen.