Alessia Cara Know-It-All Tour Pt. II

by Samantha Arroyo

At only 18, pop singer Alessia Cara became a hit when her debut single ‘Here’ was released. Now at 20 years old, Alessia Cara is already on her second leg of the Know-It-All Tour with fellow pop singer Nathan Sykes and singer/songwriter Ruth B. On October 7th, 2016, my friend and I were dropped off at the Chicago Theatre only moments before the concert officially kicked off that night. Feeling hungry, the two of us purchased some popcorn, found our seats, and waited for the concert to begin.

The lights in the theatre began to dim, the audience quickly found their seats and quieted down, the stage lights began to change color, and then appeared the first performer of the night, Nathan Sykes. He performed songs such as ‘Kiss Me Quick,’ ‘Give It Up,’ and ‘Over and Over Again.’ Sykes even performed his latest release, ‘Famous’ while beautifully playing the piano at the same time. Nathan Sykes was only a crowd warmer though. After a short intermission, Ruth B. came onto the stage and the audience only grew louder. She sang multiple new songs and songs from her EP, The Intro, including ‘Lost Boy’ and ‘Superficial Love’ (and I am not embarrassed to say that I sang along with and danced to). When Ruth B. left the stage the audience began to stand up, they walked around, went to the bathroom, got food, and etc. It was only a matter of time before Alessia Cara walked onto the stage.

Once again, the theatre lights began to dim, the stage lights turned purple, and the background was an image of Alessia Cara’s signature icon, a bright neon doodle of Alessia with a headband that has her name on it covering her eyes. The drums started playing first, then the rest of the band joined in, and finally Alessia Cara herself joined the stage and began singing ‘I’m Yours.’ The audience cheered, called her name, and screamed I love you’s. Her smile grew and she addressed the audience after her first song. It was the typical, “How are you doing tonight?” but everyone was too excited and happy to care. She then performed ‘Four Pink Walls,’ Wild Things,’ ‘Overdose,’ ‘Outlaws’ (my personal favorite), and ‘Stars.’ By now the crowd was extremely pumped and energetic, she took it down a few notches when she sang ‘Stone’ with Sebastian Kole. The entire performance was so beautiful and heartwarming, Kole himself even shed a few tears, that is how amazing it was. Alessia performed a cover of Frank Ocean’s, ‘Swim Good’ and the song she’s featured in with Troye Sivan, ‘Wild.’ She also sang ‘Seventeen’ while a background video played a slideshow of Alessia Cara as a baby until now and ‘River of Tears.” But she was not finished yet, she also performed ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ but not before giving a beautiful speech directed at all the women and girls at the audience telling them to love themselves and that they’re beautiful the way the are, it was truly a beautiful and heartfelt speech. She ended the concert by singing her hit song ‘Here’ and she even added a brand new verse to it as a neat surprise to the audience that night. Not a minute passed after Alessia left the stage before the crowd began chanting “Encore.” Alessia Cara did not disappoint. She came back on stage and performed one last song, ‘My Song.’ The entire audience screamed excitedly and sang along one last time. Despite battling a cold, Alessia Cara performed beautifully and flawlessly. It’s definitely a night I’ll never forget.