Fall Festival 2017


Here’s to a successful 2017 Fall Festival! This event could not have been possible without the detailed planning and organizing of the RHS Senior class council. They have done a fantastic job! Also worthy of mentioning are Pat Rossi and the maintenance staff for not only setting up for the event, but also delivering pumpkins and bales of hay prior to the event, Brian Collier for making the wooden cutout for the Fall Festival sign, and a big thank you NHS, Interact and to the hard-working staff members who came to volunteer and participate.

Pictured are several activities and the individuals mentioned above!


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Olivia Holt: Generous

Katherine Barnes

Olivia Holt is yet another Disney Star to start a music career. Her newest single “Generous,” that was released this year, is her biggest hit yet. This song had a lot of potential with the tune and lyrics to becoming a number one hit single but the delivery was a bit weak, and the song became pretty mediocre. It is a pop song very similar to songs by Selena Gomez, and Hailee Steinfeld. It would be hard to differentiate Olivia’s song with a lot of other young female singers. That being said it had a very good beat to it that just makes you want to dance and sing along. The song is lighthearted and will lift your mood on any bad day. Overall, the song “Generous” has a very good rhythm and tempo that can make you happy.