The Rising EMD DJ





By Joe Barnas

EDM producer that has created quite a name and portfolio for himself in the past few years, working with numerous chart topping artists. The rising EDM superpower has played huge festivals around the world, but is expected to drop his debut full length album, FOREVER, later this month.

We were given an opportunity to listen to “Cool” by Alesso, ahead of the album release. The song premiered #2 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart and was a successful appetizer to his debut album. “Cool” features the vocals of Roy English of the American rock band Eye Alaska. Alesso samples “Get Outta My Way” by Kylie Minogue in this new single, with permission of course, which adds a very danceable, ambient opening to the song.

Prior to the release of the album, Alesso talked to Billboard and emphasized how his album, FOREVER, is deeply personal, and an attempt to tell his life story in musical form. “Cool” is definitely a catchy song, with it’s high notes and great rhythm, it engulfs the listener in happiness. The lyrics tell of a deep love, an unbreakable bond, one that the singer simply can’t control and “can’t keep cool.” The synths correspond beautifully with Alesso’s sampling of “Get Outta My Way” and the pitchy and perfect vocals of Roy English, creating a positive and festival friendly track that will no doubt be a stand out on Alesso’s debut album.


imageTaylor Swift has been on a roll, dragging the industry into her kingdom dynasty. She was once the queen of country, has become the queen of pop, and rules over basically everything else. She’s the artist everyone either loves or loves to hate. She has taken her city anthems all over the country and across the world for this Tour, and I am so honored to review it next week. Taylor Swift can do just about everything right. Her looks are always perfect, her voice is flawless, and her lyrics are consistently on point. Just when you thought she would end her slay game, Taylor decides to come out on top in the category of concerts, too. The 1989 Tour will be reviewed in the first issue of the Rebellion for this upcoming school year!

Get ready for a LOT of fangirling. But it’s okay, because it’s Taylor Swift. Right?