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How Trump vs Kim Jong-un turned into a boxing match

by Hubert Pach


Just as tensions have grown higher every day in the nuclear tension between the United States and North Korea, their respective leaders have battled with something just as dangerous: words. Since long before the Trump administration, North Korea has been building up its nuclear arsenal and conducted several tests, but the country, once mocked for its empty threats, seems to be closer to being able to carry them out.
President Trump had an important choice early in his presidency: either to fight North Korea with diplomacy and sanctions or to severely anger Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un on his Twitter feed. Obviously, as any rational leader would do, he took the latter option and barraged North Korea with threats of “fire and fury.” More recently, he has mocked Kim Jong-un by calling him “Rocket Man.” Insiders in the White House said he looked “very smug” after coming up with the nickname and apparently saw Trump repeat it to himself in the mirror with “a huge grin.”
North Korea responded with the rhetoric of an aggressive teenager going through a poetry phase, saying Trump had “lit the wick of war.” To counter his humiliating nickname, Kim Jong-un dubbed Trump a “dotard.” There were many insults and threats in addition to these, but the young North Korean leader was surely not expecting what came next.
On October 1st at 4:32 pm CST (at which time Trump was apparently in a “very important meeting”), @realDonaldTrump tweeted out “Enough words, Rocket Man. Let’s box.” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of the president wearing his boxing gloves. Minutes later, this tweet was the most trending topic in every news outlet, classroom, coffee shop, and dinner table. A poll later in the day said that 100% of Americans would be in favor of such a fight.
Two days later, the North Korean press secretary released a statement that both governments had reached an agreement for both their leaders to fight a full 12-round regulation match in Pyongyang on Christmas Day of this year. According to records, Rocket Man v. Dotard is the most anticipated fight in world history. The tickets, the least expensive of which were back row seats worth one hundred thousand dollars, were sold in less than a minute.
Many say this sporting event will bring back the spirit of Christmas, while others worry it will distract from the holiday’s meaning. One thing is for certain, however: the true present this year will be the honest and incredible diplomacy that these two leaders represent.

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