14 Fun Facts about Valentine's Day

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imageBy Dino DeVivo & Tajesh Patel


  1. Although we celebrate St. Valentine on February 14th, much of St. Valentine’s doings are unknown.
  2. The modern day celebration of Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated in France and England.
  3. Pope Gelusuis declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day around 468 A.D.
  4. In medieval times, girls ate bizarre foods on St. Valentine’s Day to dream of their future spouses.
  5. 7,340 Valentine’s Day flowers are bought by men whereas women only buy 23% of flowers.
  6. Around 3% of pet owners prefer to give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets, as they are more grateful than humans.
  7. The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868.
  8. The first Valentine’s Day gift was sent by the Duke of Orleans to his wife, after he was captured in 1415.
  9. In Wales, wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day.
  10. The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus.
  11. The heart is the most romantic symbol of love.
  12. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday in North America.
  13. Valentine’s Day sees more relationships begin than any other day of the year.
  14. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Al Capone lined up list of people and shot them with tommy guns on February 14.