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Finding Your Christmas Spirit

By: Mia Triantafillou

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but what makes it so wonderful? If aliens were to come to planet Earth anytime during the month of December, they would probably be taken aback be the vicious consumerism, continuous overeating, and repetitive music selections that have all become inevitable pitfalls of the Christmas season. So how can we avoid turning such a special holiday into a time of finding good sales, stuffing your face, and driving yourself crazy with holly jolly tunes? Here’s some tips to keep your Christmas Spirit high during the Bah Humbugs of the holiday season…

1. Remember What You’re Celebrating

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s still a certain magic in the season that seems to make everyone a tad bit nicer. That niceness is a chain reaction that you can control. When one person realizes all that they’ve been blessed with, they begin to spread their good fortune with those around them. This continues to shape how people see themselves, as well as others, all with a purpose to help people have a more positive outlook on life. This creates Christmas Spirit. So, if you want to lift your spirits, count your blessings and start your own chain reaction.


2. A-Caroling We Go

But only if you want to. As much as Christmas music seems to get on everyone’s nerves, it would do you good to sit back, relax, and sing along. Just because you’ve heard the songs a million times before, doesn’t mean you can’t discover a new meaning that may just give a reason to believe in the season.


3. Do A Little More For Those Who Can’t

Whether it’s scraping up that spare change for the grocery store Santa, or donating that lonely pair of pants at the bottom of your drawer, you always have a little bit to spare. People always seem to think “why me?”. People don’t think, that they have to take action because someone else will. That is the Ebenezer Scrooge attitude we’re trying to steer away from! Give a little back to the world and someone will give back to you.


4. Cookies Aren’t Only For Santa

Gooey chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of warm milk are certainly not only for Santa’s picky North Pole taste buds. These scrumptious selections would definitely make anyone’s day a little sweeter. So, when you’re feeling the holiday blues, spend some time in the kitchen and whip up a batch of your favorite Christmas treats to instantly boost your spirits.


5. Learn To Let It Go

You never know what it’s like to walk around in other people’s shoes. So when someone is rude or inconsiderate towards you be kind and let them go on with their day. You don’t know if they fought over that last sale item because they couldn’t afford any other good Christmas gift for their children. Or maybe the reason young auntie Margaret is so snappy with you at the dinner table is because she just got dumped by her third boyfriend this year. You don’t know what people have gone through so who are you to add to their negativity. Instead shake it off and try to turn their frown upside down.


6. Be Ambitious, Anything Can Happen

There’s a special magic that comes along with the Christmas season where the odds seem to be ever in your favor. So it would be smart for you to take advantage of the holiday cheer and be ambitious. Who Knows? Maybe that girl you’ve been watching from the back of the class for the past 4 months may look your way. Or maybe your mom and dad will cave and finally let you get a puppy that you’ve wanted since you were six. Shoot for the stars with Christmas spirit on your side.



Whether it’s a 8 foot evergreen climbing up your living room wall, or a 3 foot novelty tree sitting in the foot of your bed, if your house doesn’t look like Christmas than how is it supposed to feel like Christmas? So get a tree, string some popcorn, hang some mistletoe to add a little holiday cheer to your everyday drab.


8. Smile More A smile. Sounds pretty sappy doesn’t it? Smile and be kind to all, even to those you normally wouldn’t. By spreading Christmas cheer, you are sending positivity to those around you. Smiling at someone, giving a compliment, or even holding a door can make someone’s day. So when you find yourself saying “Bah Humbug,” stop, put on a smile, and spread some Christmas cheer with those around you so we can all have a holly jolly Christmas.